2021 Rams Wide Receiver Redraft Values

By: JayWall

2021 Rams Wide Receiver Redraft Values

When looking at the 2021 Rams wide receiver redraft values, it may be hard to predict who will be the most fantasy relevant between Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, DeSean Jackson and Van Jefferson. Is it possible for a newly acquired Matthew Stafford to provide enough value to these three to produce top tier numbers? In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at each player, and whether three receivers from the same team have ever been fantasy relevant.

Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp is 27 years old and has been in the league for four years. In 2019, he finished as the WR5 in PPR formats which blew away his ADP of WR20. He followed that up with a WR26 finish last year, which was disappointing as his ADP went up to WR14. This year, his ADP is WR22 and 60th overall. Is he worth the price in the 2021 season when you’re on the clock in your draft?

With the upgrade at quarterback with Matthew Stafford in town, I don’t see why Kupp wouldn’t finish as a high-end WR2 or a low-end WR1 next year. The only concern that comes to mind is what their chemistry will look like, but they’re both veteran players which should cause them to build that rather quickly. Since the Rams brought in no real wide receiver threat to him in the draft, I expect him to compete with Woods for the WR1 role on that team. More so, I expect them to continue to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

If the former third round pick can finish as the WR5 with Jared Goff at center, I don’t see why he couldn’t do something similar with Stafford. I believe Kupp will be a sneaky value in 2021, so make sure to draft him if he falls in your draft.

Robert Woods

Robert Woods has outperformed his ADP all eight years he’s been in the league and is someone who has always been one of the most underrated fantasy players in drafts. The 29 year old has had WR11, WR14 and WR13 finishes in the past three seasons. I don’t see why he doesn’t repeat that after going from Jared Goff to Matthew Stafford.

Woods was just short of having a 1,000 yard season after finishing with 936 yards in 2020, but he’s known for what he can do on the ground too. His rushing upside does make him a little more valuable, and it’s important to note. Last year he ran for 155 yards on 24 carries and scored twice. That’s an extra 27.5 fantasy points which may not sound like a lot, but it is. 

His current ADP is WR20 and 54th overall. He’s going to outperform his ADP again in 2021, and I expect him to be part of many championship winning teams. Make sure he’s someone you target in your drafts because he’ll be a consistent fantasy contributor for your team.

DeSean Jackson and 

Van Jefferson

DeSean Jackson is someone who shouldn’t be on anyone’s fantasy radar and will be on the waiver wire in most leagues. He’s a 34 year old receiver who hasn’t played a full season since 2013 and has missed 39 games since. I don’t want to talk much about DeSean because there’s not much to say. Stay away from him next season because he’ll probably just end up on your IR spot on your bench.

Van Jefferson could be the WR3 in Los Angeles. The former 2nd round pick had a disappointing rookie season as he finished with 220 yards and a TD on just 19 receptions. He was overshadowed by Josh Reynolds, but now that he’s gone, Jefferson has the opportunity to step up. Reynolds leaves 81 targets behind from 2020. Jefferson should be a WR5 or WR4 with the ceiling of a WR3 finish. I’d steer clear in 2021, and keep him on my bench if you have extra space on your roster.

What Does History Tell Us?

History tells us that having two wide receivers from the same team can actually benefit your fantasy team, but what does it say about having three players from the same team? Now I know that there is probably a very small percentage of fantasy managers who have all three on their roster, but it’s still fun to see if it’s feasible. We’ll look at the PPR fantasy stats over the past 10 years to see how many three-set wide receiver sets have all finished within the top-36.

Let’s start off looking at how often two wide receivers from the same team land in the top-36 over the past 10 years. There have been 91 teammates who have made their way as a WR3 or higher during that time. On average, there are just over 9 two wide receiver sets who accomplish this each year, which is fairly significant when drafting and trading for teammates.

I want to get into the history of success of three wide receiver sets that give your fantasy team a WR3 finish or better. As expected, the number of teammates who accomplished this is very low. Only 9 of them were able to pull this off. 

In 2012

In 2013

In 2016

In 2018

In 2020

There’s a common theme amongst all 9 teams, and they are all pass heavy offenses. The only exception is the 2020 Carolina Panthers who ranked 15th overall in pass play percentage. When looking at the Los Angeles Rams in the upcoming 2021 season, passing volume needs to be one of our main focuses.

In 2019, I expect Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods will both finish the season as a WR2 or better. DeSean Jackson will not finish anywhere close to a WR3, and I don’t think Van Jefferson won’t have a role large enough to give him a chance to find himself in that range. Out of the two, I do expect him to be the WR3 on that offense. While the Rams' offense will not be able to sustain three fantasy relevant WRs, target Kupp and Woods in your drafts because they’ll be reliable assets for your squad.

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